Creating your first website can be confusing for anyone, even when using premade guides and templates found on Squarespace or Word Press. But, luckily, once you get the basics down, your website making process will be all the more easier. Here’s a brief guide to help you on your way.

When using Word Press, it will first give you the option to choose from a variety of templates.

Once you choose your template, it will also give you more style options and allow you to create your own website domain, which you could come back to if you are not ready to decide on at the moment.

By pressing the blue button in the upper left hand corner of the page, you can add more blocks to create new sections and add functions to your webpage.

By pressing the W logo, also in the upper left hand corner, you can find the pages tab, where you can, believe it or not, add more pages to your website. By adding another page, Word Press will give you more template options, that you can pick and choose based off of your website’s intended purpose.

When you are done, simply click the Publish button in the upper right hand corner, and your website will go live!

Feel free to mess around with more features provided by Word Press to customize your website to your heart’s content!