Post #2: Prompt B

How To: 9 Different Eyeliner Styles

This online tutorial uploaded onto YouTube on January 24th 2021 by Smitha Deepak, outlines various ways in which to apply eyeliner. It is an in depth guide for those with limited to no knowledge or experience about how to correctly apply eyeliner. 

This tutorial is specifically targeted for those with a hooded eye shape. It starts with the makeup artist explaining to the audience what it means to have hooded eyes, as many people watching might now know what the term refers to or if they themselves have hooded eyes. While this specification does limit the effectiveness of the tutorial by making it essentially obsolete for those with other eye shapes, it makes it all the more effective for the target audience for being clearly created for and directed at those who do in fact have the intended shaped eyes. The makeup artist having hooded eyes herself also helps give an accurate visual representation of the methods she is explaining to the audience. 

Throughout the video the makeup artist gives nine different variations for the audience to try out themselves. 

#1: Tightline 

This first method described by the artist, which is also known as “the invisible eyeliner”, is applied by putting eyeliner along the upper waterline. The end result gives depth to the eye without drawing attention to the eyeliner itself. This method is useful to those who prefer a more natural look. However, the tutorial fails to describe how to best apply the eyeliner to the upper waterline as opposed to the outer lid, without smearing the makeup or falling into the cornea. 

#2: Simple 

Similar to the Tightline method, the Simple method is simple and subtle. The artist describes it as applying a simple line along the outer lash line. She gives key tips and details to keep the line as close to the lash line as possible as no to interfere with the eye’s hood. 

#3: Foxy Eye

The Foxy Eye method is now meant for those who prefer a bolder look than the previous two methods. This time, the artist instructs the viewer to start by creating a wing off the side of the eye, while still being sure to avoid the hood, and continuing across close to the lash line, and coming around to the inter corner. It is a basic and simple instruction, but could better benefit the audience by giving more details as to how to effectively create the initial wing for beginners. 

#4: Thin Line 

Like the name suggests, the Thin Line method is similar to the Foxy Eye but applied with a thinner, shorter line. 

#5: Smokey Corner

The Smokey Corner, also called the Double Up, is applied with an eyeliner pencil along the top and lower lash lines in the outer corner of the eye. A small makeup brush is then used along the applied eyeliner to give it a smokey look. This method, however, would be easy to smear and challenging to do for beginners as the artist did not give a lot of detail as to how to go about smoking the corner eyeliner to get the desired look. 

#6: Fake It

The artist presents the Fake It (till you make it) as for those who do not wish to apply eyeliner directly across the lash line. Instead, you start with a wing, while still avoiding the hood, and then adding fake eyelashes with a thick band that will give the illusion of eyeliner. However, this method, while remaining straightforward and simple, involves fake eyelashes more so than eyeliner, despite eyeliner being the focus of the tutorial. 

#7: C Wing

This method is applied first with a simple line across the lash line, and into an outer wing. Unlike the other methods so far, this one involves the wing to intersect with the hood of the eye, extending the lower lash line into the upper and over the fold of the hood. In order to get over the obstacle of the hood eyes, the artist describes the initial like over the fold as having a small gap between the outer eye and the eyelid, which is to then be filled in. Once again, the author does not specify how to create an effective wing, and expects the audience to already have this knowledge. 

#8: Reverse Smokey and #9: Smokey Outer

For the tutorial’s final two methods have similar applications, both relying on eyeshadow to achieve. The Reverse Smokey method is applied with an angled makeup brush and black eyeshadow along the lower lash line, quite literally creating a smokey eye look but reversed onto the lower eye. The Smokey Outer method, the artist applies a thin line across the lash like, and then accents the outer corner with black eyeshadow. It creates the illusion of being eyeliner, and thus gives the eye the desired depth. However, both of these methods are more focused on eyeshadow than eyeliner, and could possibly prove difficult to manage for beginners who do not have the ability to create the wing shape with the dark eyeshadow, which can smear and be easily ruined.