When it comes to group or team projects, in both your academic and professional career, it is important to find easy ways to share and access information and related documents to your fellow group members. 

Thousands of people use Google Drive as a way of sharing and collaborating on documents in real time. This guide will show you how to create a new folder in Google Drive as well as how to share it with others and how to add new documents to the folder. 

Step 1: Creating a New Folder

The first thing you need to do is log into drive.google.com using any gmail account. 

Next, in order to create a new folder click the button labeled “+ New” located in the upper left hand corner of the page and select “Folder”.

Step 2: Share Folder

To share your new Google Drive folder with others, you need to first open the folder you wish to share and click the down arrow next to the folder’s name. 

Then you want to select “Share” in the drop down menu. From there you can either manually type in the emails of those you wish to share the folder with, or send them a link which will allow anyone who clicks it access to the folder. 

Step 3: Adding New Documents

If you have a pre existing document that you want to add into the shared folder, you can do it one of two different ways. 

The first way involves manually moving the document to the folder. You do this by opening your general Google Drive, selecting the document you wish to share, and dragging it into the correct folder with your cursor. 

The second way involves going into the document itself. You do this by opening the document you wish to share, and selecting “File” on the drop down menu. From there click on “Move” and select the correct folder you wish to move the document into. 

After that your document should appear in the shared Google Drive, and anyone with access to the folder should be able to view and edit.