So You Wanna Be A DM?
This manual is a shortened version of the Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. It is meant to be used by those new to the role of Dungeon Master and are intimidated by the official +200 page handbook. It outlines the basics the player will need to know in understandable and informative terms. This guide is also edited to be in the same style as the original Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook for visual appeal.

D:OOS – Danganronpa: Our Own Story
A table top role playing game based off of the murder mystery video game franchise Danganronpa. This manual outlines how to apply various game mechanics in terms of dice rolls and role playing, as well as tips on character creation and story writing elements. D:OOS is strictly meant to be for recreation and personal enjoyment. It is in no way related to the original franchise owned by Spike Chunsoft and Kazutaka Kodaka.

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